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Michelle Emerson

Michelle Emerson

Financial Associate

Michelle Emerson is the CEO of a full-service accounting firm, Harmony Business Solutions, LLC, and a
licensed financial associate with over 25 years of experience in the accounting and financial services
industries. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Virginia Tech University.
Michelle founded Harmony Business Solutions LLC in 2007, seeing a gap in the knowledge of small
business owners when it comes to the financial world and the stagnation it was having across industries.
She began her mission to utilize her expertise and passion for business to assist other companies in
capturing their vision for success, through accurate financial reporting and education to understanding
their best path through their financial picture and strategic decision-making. She provides further value
through tax planning and preparation, budgeting, strategic management analysis and CFO consulting.

As a financial agent with Wright Time Financial services, she uses her critical thinking prowess to
develop financial and tax strategies for wealth creation and asset protection for individuals and
businesses. Combining her financial planning tools with her repertoire of expertise in business laws,
best practices, accounting, and tax strategies, she is able to craft a wholistic approach in serving her
clients in creating and maintaining financial wellness in the pursuit of generational wealth.
Beyond her professional activities, Michelle believes her greatest accomplishments come from being a
faithful woman of God, a loving wife, and an adoring mother of two. Michelle feels that giving back and
staying connected to her community are of utmost importance. She lends her gifts and talents singing
with a community gospel group, volunteering in church community drives, and sharing her poetry at
community events.

Michelle’s faith in God and relentless passion for excellence, pushes her to go for the best in life, which
she believes, in part, means empowering others to do the same. With her love for people, firm
dedication, extensive expertise, and passion for helping others to build financial freedom and family
legacies, Michelle is ready and willing to take your hand and walk you through your journey to financial
health, freedom, and abundance.

- Life and Health
- CPA candidate
- Harvest Life Changers Church Leader/Senior Deacon